Thursday, October 20, 2011

A Simple Solution to the Debt Crisis

Very useful video that explains who banks and the monetary system work and how to solve our current crisis by giving less power to private banks.


"We've developed a simple solution to the debt crisis. It involves removing this power to create money from the banks, and making sure that money - whether it's cash or electronic money - can only be created by the Bank of England. Any new money would be created and spent into the economy - instead of being lent by banks to people who already have too much debt. This new money would allow us, collectively, to reduce our total debts to the banks, and help us to end the debt crisis.

The authorities are trying to patch up a system that is fundamentally broken. If we let them continue, then we will all end up even deeper in debt, and problems like poverty, extreme inequality and economic chaos will get worse and worse. We need a solution to the crisis that doesn't involve passing the costs back on to ordinary people. And we need you to get involved."


Mostafa said...

Hi, Angela
you've got a very nice blog, I liked it.
on the topic of banking, did you know this system has been in place since bank of England was created? this was intentionally designed that way by money lenders in 1690s and was forced upon the British government. later with the rise of
Rothschild banking family it fell under their control.
this fraudulent system was also implemented in America in what is now called Federal Reserve System.
these financial leeches have been behind every major revolution and war since then. wars are the biggest debt generator machines that guarantee continuous flow of cash from people to bankers pocket.
i recommend you to read Synagogue of Satan by Andrew Hitchcock

Angela said...

Hi Mostafa, thanks for your comment.
I know the story of the Rothschild family and the Fed. There is also a theory that suggests that JF Kennedy was killed because he was about to approve the nationalization of the Fed. I don't know to what extent this is true, but if it is, it says it all...

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