Thursday, October 20, 2011

A Simple Solution to the Debt Crisis

Very useful video that explains who banks and the monetary system work and how to solve our current crisis by giving less power to private banks.


"We've developed a simple solution to the debt crisis. It involves removing this power to create money from the banks, and making sure that money - whether it's cash or electronic money - can only be created by the Bank of England. Any new money would be created and spent into the economy - instead of being lent by banks to people who already have too much debt. This new money would allow us, collectively, to reduce our total debts to the banks, and help us to end the debt crisis.

The authorities are trying to patch up a system that is fundamentally broken. If we let them continue, then we will all end up even deeper in debt, and problems like poverty, extreme inequality and economic chaos will get worse and worse. We need a solution to the crisis that doesn't involve passing the costs back on to ordinary people. And we need you to get involved."

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Global March to Jerusalem supported by the Association of Free Cyber Activists

Association of Free Cyber Activists in Abyaneh, Iran
The Global March to Jerusalem (GMJ) planned for March next year received a boost when the newly formed “International Association of free cyber activists” declared full support to the march.

The group vowed to mobilize its members and their networks to make the march a success. The association was formed at the end of a summit held on the side of International Digital Media Fair in Tehran from the 9th to the 15th of October 2011.

More than fifty cyber activists coming from Italy, France, Australia, Chile, Cuba, India, Pakistan, Indonesia, Norway, Turkey, Palestine, Lebanon, UAE, Bosnia and the UK took part in the summit organized by International Union of Unified Ummah. Such meeting was concluded with the decison to form the Association in order to coordinate the activities of the cyber activists around the world in resisting oppression, isolation and socio-economic injustice.

“The members of the association declared their full support to the Global March to Jerusalem (GMJ)”, said Jamal Daoud, the interim Secretary of the Association. “The founding members expressed their deep concerns about the situation in the Holy City and the actions of the Israeli authorities to change its demography”. In the last day of the summit, the members of the Association discussed about the ways to raise awareness over the situation in the occupied Palestinian Territories and about the ways to support the native population in its struggle for freedom and independence.

They have also covered the topic of how to get actively involved in the GMJ. “The members discussed about the best practical ways to take part in the march. These include mobilizing cyber networks, producing films and clips about the issue, posting them on the Internet, and organizing forums and exhibitions to encourage people to participate”.

The march is already attracting the support of many organizations and activists’ groups. While expecting many obstacles in achieving these goals, the groups are highly enthusiastic to expose the brutal nature of the Israeli occupation of Palestine and the International Community’s hypocrisy on this issue. The group members noted that the Israeli occupation and brutality were going on for more than 63 years without any meaningful measure to put an end to them.The members believe that it is the time that international activists and freedom-loving people unite to condemn Israeli atrocities and to demand these atrocities to end.

The founding committe is due to meet in two months time in order to finalize detailed documents and the steps to achieve the declared objectives.

For media comments, you can contact Jamal Daoud on + 962 79799 6745 or Sarbaz Rohulla Rezvi on + 98938 1650209 and +919858983590

Why Do Banks Make So Much Money?

Enlightening video on the real causes of the economic crisis made by Positive Money, British campaign that aims at the reform of the monetary system.
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