Monday, May 31, 2010

Attack against Freedom Flotilla is a terrorist act and a crime against humanity

Neurosis can make people say stupid things. Given the nonsense coming out from Zionist propaganda both in Palestine and in Europe, the Israeli establishment must be freaking out.

It is amazing how a government in possession of nuclear weapons is afraid of eight ships of peace activists loaded with humanitarian aids and hope heading to Gaza, transformed by the Zionists into an open-air concentration camp.

Arrogance being the main ingredient of the Israeli occupation authorities, also thanks to an inefficient "international community" and corrupt Western governments, this flotilla leaving from the main European ports and in its way to Gaza was certainly seen as a challenge to their self-styled authority.

Over the past few days, Twitter has been rocking due to the increased use of the hashtags of #flotilla, #freedomflotilla and #Gaza, and the Zionist government has proved unable to face reality. Once again, they have indulged in aggressive and misleading propaganda, attacking the activists with any kind of absurdities.

With the help of subservient mainstream European outlets, the Israeli government has managed to release their version of the facts. In a burst of sci-fi journalism, Berlusconi-owned Il Giornale reported "Turkish ships towards Gaza is to help Iran".

Israel had threatened the activists they will arrest and keep them in prison should they dock in Gaza shores. The activists' reply was the only possible: Israel has no authority over us, over international waters, over Gaza.

As a matter of fact, Israel has no authority whatsoever over Palestine, and it's not above international laws.

Despite the fact that Israel is an illegal colony, it claimed the right to decide whether the Freedom Flotilla, carrying tons of food, medical equipment and building material, could enter Gaza or not. Again with the complete silence of the United Nations which, in theory (apparently, only in theory), were born to defend human rights against injustice.

The shallow propaganda that some Twitter accounts such as @2012israel are trying in vain to pass consists of nonsense such as "Do you know that Israel keeps sending tons of humanitarian aids to Gaza?" or "There is no humanitarian emergency in Gaza". Such lies bear no other result than showing how angry, embarrassed and powerless the Israeli authorities are compared to unarmed citizens' actions.

Looking at the matter carefully, one might just wonder what is Israel complaining about. In fact, all these activists are doing is trying to bring a little bit of comfort to the Palestinians living in Gaza and facing every day bombings, shootings, attacks and humiliations by the Zionist army.

Instead of being grateful, Israel authorities attacked the ships and stopped the humanitarian aid. Where exactly is the problem? Why are Israeli authorities opening so many Twitter accounts and pretending to friendly "inform" the other users that they are actually "helping" Gaza?

The problem is that they are losing their face. The biggest problem is that they have been losing their face for so long that always less people are buying their propaganda, and the direct result is that always less people (at least in Europe) are buying the newspapers at all, being them all pro-Zionist.

The image of the "good Jews" who want to build "the only democracy in the Middle East" is just not working anymore.

People travel, people access to independent press, people have the ability to think with their own brain, and the we-want-to-bring-democracy-to-Middle-East strategy simply is outdated. And Israel authorities know full well they are losing the PR war.

So here it comes the time to change strategy: don't challenge us or we will crush you.

Turkish government, the only European country that in these days is showing to have guts, has warned Israel against stopping the Freedom Flotilla, but nevertheless the Israeli Navy has attacked the flotilla and slaughtered 19 activists.

This massacre is a terrorist act carried out in international waters, disrespecting international laws, against Turkish and other EU countries' citizens. By stopping the humanitarian aid to Gaza concentration camp, the Israeli government has further committed crimes against humanity, keeping the blockade of the flow of basic goods and people from and to Gaza.

This, however, shouldn't be a problem for the Zionist entity, founded on a genocide and used to such atrocities.

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Israel is alone

Credits of the photo for The Press Project to Aris Hatzistefanou

In this very moment eight ships are making their way from Europe's main ports to the Gaza Strip, under siege by the Zionist regime since December 2007. European activists are bringing medicaments and all sorts of humanitarian aids to the population that is increasingly suffering from this illegal blockade.

Over the past days, on the social network Twitter, the organisers of the so-called Gaza Flotilla are covering every aspect of their journey, providing the readers with photos, interviews with the activists and their plans once reached the destination.

On the same Twitter, recently, users have been witnessing an unprecedented presence of the zionist propaganda trying to convince the worldwide public mind that they are constantly "providing medical care, food and humanitarian aid to the Gaza population". One might wonder why they don't just lift the illegal siege.

Zionist lobbies control much of the US and European press, but their recent invasion of Twitter, and social networks in general, reveals an uncomfortable sentiment of growing isolation.

Israel, in fact, is alone. Always more governments worldwide are publicly condemning its crimes against humanity, always less countries are putting up with their arrogance and political representatives are not afraid anymore of expelling Israel's diplomats from their embassies. More importantly, the public doesn't buy anymore the zionist propaganda as offered by mainstream media.

Truth be said, always more frequently, also mainstream media have been exposing Israel's criminal activities, and by now everybody knows they are illegally occupying Palestine. Despite what their tinpot intellectuals say, in fact, the Zionist leaders have been carrying out the systematic ethnic cleansing of Palestine since 1948, year of the Nakba, term used by the Palestinians to remember the beginning of their tragedy.

In 1948, the Zionists brought about their Plan D:

"... more than half of Palestine's native population, close to 800,000 people, had been uprooted, 531 villages had been destroyed, and eleven urban neighbourhoods emptied of their inhabitants." [1]

The methods used for such criminal acts were diverse:

"large-scale intimidation; laying siege to and bombarding villages and population centres; setting fire to homes, properties and goods; expulsion; demolition; and, finally planting mines among the rubble to prevent any of the expelled inhabitants from returning." [2]

For too long time, the so-called international community, the US and European countries have tried to cover Israel's crimes, and the Zionist leaders could rely on the collusion of most governments. Things are changing, and Israel's unlawful establishment knows it. Hence, their aggressive strategy on the main social networks aimed, once again, at fooling the worldwide public mind.

Since the traditional propaganda is not working anymore, and people trust mainstream media always less, zionist lobbies prove increasingly unnerved.

The truth is that the signs of the progressive diplomatic and economic isolation that Israel is facing are increasing by the day.

Following to the assassination of Hamas leader Mahmoud al-Mabhouh in a Dubai hotel, carried out by a huge Mossad team, the arrogance of Israel's government is less and less tolerated. A while ago, the British government had expelled the Israeli diplomat due to the use by the Mossad of fake British passports to enter the UAE; three days ago the Australian government has ordered the expulsion of an Israeli diplomat again over the use of fake passports for the same murder of the senior Hamas exponent.

After Israel's threat to stop the Freedom Flotilla on its way to Gaza, two days ago, Turkey has urged Israel to lift its blockade and allow a Turkish-led convoy of ships carrying humanitarian aid to enter the Gaza Strip.

Moreover, in its annual report, Amnesty International has complained that the US and European Union have obstructed international justice to shield Israel from accountability for war crimes committed during last year's Gaza war. The reputation of the United States is plummeting at light speed due to its wars in the Middle East and its crimes all over the world, so keeping defending a terrorist State might not be a very sound political move.

On the economic side, the BDS movement is gaining an always wider support, and it's very recent news that two major Italian supermarket chains, COOP and Nordiconad, have officially suspended the sales of products coming from the illegal Israeli settlements.

On May 24th, fifteen members of the European Parliament's foreign affairs, development and humanitarian aid committees arrived in Israel and were meant to go to Gaza from Egypt, causing the anger of Israel's establishment that, in retaliation, cancelled all their pre-arranged meetings. Maybe they didn't want EU MPs to experience first-hand how Palestinians are forced to live in blockaded Gaza, situation made inevitably worse by Israel air raids carried out the following morning.

The arrogance of Zionist leaders is not tolerated anymore, and Israel is revealing itself as it is, a geopolitical fraud that doesn't waste any occasion to show its disrespect towards the most basic human rights, and whose leaders have abused in the most disgusting way of the suffering of the Jewish community during the Holocaust for propaganda purposes to claim their being above the law whatever crimes they carry out.

These victimhood tactics are obsolete and inefficient, as much as their brainwashing machine.

[1] Ilan Pappe, The Ethnic Cleansing of Palestine, Oneworld Publication Limited, 2006, p. xiii

[2] Ilan Pappe, The Ethnic Cleansing of Palestine, Oneworld Publication Limited, 2006, p. xii

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

From Jordan, to help understand

A while ago I had written a post about the fact that I don't believe there is such a thing as the so-called "clash of civilisations". Used by western propaganda in order to support warmonger arguments ("Good against evil", "You are with us or against us"), this is in fact nothing more than an unfortunate invention of some US-bred International Relations academics, first among all Samuel Huntington, colleague and good friend of Zbigniew Brzezinski, one of the main foreign policy advisers of the White House at all times.

I was inspired for that post by an article I had read about a criminal act happened in Jordan, where a young woman had been attacked by a taxi driver. The article somehow compared the unfortunate incident to Jordanian society as a whole, albeit without providing an extensive analysis of the social situation in that specific country.

I've recently stumbled on Jordanian blogger and social activist Ali Dahmash, who regularly updates his website, Under My Olive Tree, with Middle Eastern views on world affairs' most topical issues. Particularly interesting is his Get Involved page, which provides the readers with practical advices on how to volunteer in Jordan.

Ali shed some light on what the main problems in his country may be, and helped me understand some of the often overlooked nuances that are actually crucial in order to get under the skin of a place.

"Jordan is a moderate state," says Ali, "and its people have moderate views. But there are a few important factors to be taken into consideration:

"First of all the economic situation: in Jordan, and most Arab countries, it plays a major role in the well being of any family. When the father is responsible for the income of his family and most probaby has many kids (with an average of five or more, due to ignorance and lack of education), is under major. This may be cause of domestic violence and abuse. I have visited several local comunities and met teenagers who were abused by their fathers. It's very sad but the local community office was helping the victims. I'm sure this is a common problem of any poor area in any developing country such as Brasil or India.

"Secondly, I think often mothers spoil their male kids making them feel superior and faultless, and never punishing them. This plays a major role on the way those kids turn into men. A son can go out, stay late, smoke, travel, while daughters face more restrictions.

"In general, Jordanians are open minded but not as liberal as people in Lebanon, where women play a major role in the society and work as lawyers, or in PR, media and technology. Some intiatives are being carried out aimed at women's empowerment in Jordan and to support new startups for women. Queen Rania is doing a lot in this field."

Thursday, May 06, 2010

Remembering Rachel Corrie

Rachel Corrie, US peace activist, killed by a Israeli bulldozer when she was 23. The White House refused to launch an investigation on her murder. Any doubts about the powers of the zionist lobby in the US?

Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Scoop: Bin Laden "lives comfortably in Iran"

Un-be-lievable. Fox News didn't even wait a week from Ahmadinejad's enlightened speech at the UN conference to issue such a pearl.

In one of the most unfortunate articles in journalism history, the writer chose to start with melodrama:

"Usama bin Laden gets up each morning in his dark, damp cave in northern Pakistan, gripped by fear, listening carefully for the telltale sound of a drone that is searching for him."

Touching. But suddenly, the scoop: Bin Laden has been living comfortably in Iran for years, apparently in North Tehran (I think Ahmadinejad lives in South Tehran, at least they didn't make them neighbours).

The article is well-packed with tons of small details on Bin Laden's life and 'Parrot', the filmmaker. Now, one might wonder: Since the CIA has plenty of secret agents in Iran, how come did they not find "world's public enemy number one" before Fox News?

Apparently, Fox News journalists have come into possession of a crucial documentary on falconry, in which the director just by chance happens to mention that Bin Laden lives in Tehran.

I'm truly amazed.

Do they really think US/worldwide audience is wholly made of stupid people?

This documentary magically appears two days after Ahmadinejad has said before the UN Assembly (speech reported all over the world) that the United States are the main responsible for the nuclear weapons proliferation. Nothing new, just this is one of the many no-no topics in western regimes, it can't be said by western media, but at the same time, western media could not avoid reporting it, since it has been reported all over the world.

So, typical disinformation method: say A to divert the attention from B.

The US are the main threat for world's peace? - Bin Laden lives in Iran.

Ok, let me get this straight: next time Chavez says that US imperialism is cause of disasters, will Fox News announce that Bin Laden has moved to Venezuela?

Unnerved Israel lobby prompts Italian Parliament to shut anti-Israel websites

The interference of the Israel lobby in Europe is increasingly evident and unbearable.

Main characters of the latest unfortunate episode that sees zionists meddle in Italian affairs are Fiamma Nirenstein, Stefano Gatti, Renato Farina, Andrè Oboler, Paolo Corsini, Francesco Tempestini, Enrico Pianetta and other "experts" of the main political coalitions PdL (right-wing Berlusconi-led parties) and PD (centre-left), who have presented a proposal before the parliamentary Commission of Constitutional Affairs in order to apply censorship on websites that criticise Israel.

The official reason, as usual, is to "monitor" the spreading of their alleged anti-semitism, but the unofficial and real aim is to gag what remains of the independent press, denying what should be an inalienable right of speech and of information about Israel's crimes in Palestine and all over the world.

Needless to say, Israel's atrocities committed against Palestinians (surely of semitic origins) are not to be considered "anti-semitism", because otherwise the aligned media would lack a term that has turned out to be very effective in the brainwashing process of "politically correct" western public mind.

This is a gloomy attempt by the modern Holy Inquisition to prevent the public opinion from getting informed about Israel's crime, in an age when these are being widely reported all over the world. So-called western "democracies" claim to be staunch defenders of civil liberties and human rights, and systematically restrict them whenever Israel's immoral and unlawful activities are exposed.

Obvious threat to our freedom of speech, this proposal reveals an unnerved Israel lobby trying to cover unconvenient truths that will inevitably undermine the support of worldwide public opinion.

Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Ahmadinejad's speech at the UN meets walkout: truth hurts.

The White House has defined Ahmadinejad's speech at the UN "predictable". The same can be said about their delegate's reaction: it has become routine for US representatives to leave the room when the President of an arbitrarily named "rogue" state starts speaking.

As soon as the US delegate stood up (previously taught by his masters), the representatives of "poodle" states did the same, wagging their tails proudly. Very likely, the Italian representative didn't even understand what was going on and just stood up complying to the orders.

But what did exactly provoke such an outwards traffic at the UN conference?

I have analysed Ahmadinejad's infamous speech and failed to understand western representatives' reaction.

First and foremost, the Iranian leader has stated:

"Some States define in their strategies the nuclear bomb as an element of stability and security, and this is one of their big mistakes."

I hardly find anything wrong in that, and I think other countries agree with Ahmadinejad, as long as they don't have invading/attacking/colonising ambitions.

Then, Ahmadinejad pressed on:

"The nuclear bomb is a fire against humanity rather than a weapon for defense.

The possession of nuclear bombs is not a source of pride; it is rather disgusting and shameful. And even more shamfeul is the threat to use or to use such weapons, which is not even comparable to any crime committed throughout the history.

Those who committed the first atomic bombardment are considered to be among the most hated in history."

Again, Mr Ahmadinejad is right, and again the United States frantically try to maintain their self-proclaimed world-leadership, while losing their legendary appeal, so meticulously built during the Cold War (soft-power anyone?). Because this is their biggest concern, losing popularity, and especially losing the support of the always less brainwashed public mind to their criminal activities.

The Iranian leader doesn't shy away from pointing his finger against the arrogance of "certain" States. Can we blame him?

"Enjoying especial privileges in the highest global security decision-making bodies and in the IAEA, certain nuclear weapon States widely exploit these platforms against the non-nuclear weapon States, contrary to the spirit of the NPT. This unjust practice, repeated over and over, has turned into a pattern.

So far, none of the non-nuclear weapon States has ever been able to exercise their inalienable and legal rights for peaceful use of nuclear energy without facing pressures and threats."

This comes from the assumption of self-righteousness that the United States want to apply to their own policies, self-proclaming themselves the best democracy in the world, the only one with the right to judge, impose social and moral patterns, occupy foreign countries, teach what's good and what's not, determine when another State is "rogue" or "friend".

In line with his political line, Ahmadinejad doesn't forget to mention Israel:

"While the Zionist regime which has stockpiled hundreds of nuclear warheads, has waged many wars in the region and continues to threaten the people and nations of the region with terror and invasion, enjoys the unconditional support of the United States government and its allies and receives, as well, the necessary assistance to develop its nuclear weapon program. The same States impose various kinds of pressures on the members of the IAEA on the false pretext of probable diversions in their peaceful nuclear activities without providing even a single credible proof to substantiate their allegation."

Israel has been carrying out the systematic ethnic cleansing of Palestine since 1948, while western governments watched and nodded in fake disapproval, insisting in supporting such criminal acts and in denying the evidence, despite the millions of Palestinian refugees and the massacres the Zionist regime keeps perpetrating undisturbed. Such crimes notwithstanding, and despite being a constant threat to the other Middle Eastern countries and to world's peace, Israel is still allowed to possess nuclear weapons.

Rightfully, Ahmadinejad added [my highlighting]:

"Expecting the major arms dealers to work for the establishment of security is an illogical expectation.

The government of the United States which is the main suspect in the production, stockpiling and use and threat of the use of nuclear weapons, insists to assume the leadership role in reviewing the NPT. The U.S. administration, in its recently released Nuclear Posture Review (NPR), has announced that it will neither produce new nuclear weapons nor will it attack non-nuclear weapon States by nuclear weapons.

The United States has never respected any of its commitments. One may ask how much could nations possibly trust the US to implement its commitments? What are the guarantees for living up to such commitments? And what are the tools for its independent verification? It should be born in mind that in the past decades the United States has had most of its wars and conflicts with those who were once its friends.

Furthermore, under the same NPR, some member States of the IAEA which are also committed members of the NPT have been threatened to be the target of a preemptive nuclear strike. The United States government has always tried to divert the public opinion's attention from its noncompliance and unlawful actions by bringing into focus some misleading issues. They have recently raised the issue of nuclear terrorism as part of their efforts to maintain and upgrade their nuclear arsenals on one hand, and divert world public opinion from the issue of disarmament and direct them toward phony matters, on the other, while arming the terrorists with nuclear weapons are only conceivable by those States which posses such weapons and have used them and also have a long record of supporting terrorists."

Further down:

"In the NPR, it is noted that the U.S. will not develop new nuclear weapons, but they will continue to improve them qualitatively. The qualitative improvement of nuclear weapons is tantamount to increase in lethality and destructive power of such weapons, which itself signifies the vertical proliferation. In addition, these policies are not verifiable, because there is no supervision by any independent authoritative body on nuclear programs of the United States and its allies."

Again, someone might wonder: Who gives the US the right to act in disrespect of international law and to decide of the destiny of sovereign and independent States? Just because European countries have accepted to be subservient to the US regime, it doesn't mean that all world's nations have to comply too.

Through wars, covert operations and open-air "coloured revolutions", the United States have spread their tentacles all over the world, interfering in domestic affairs of sovereign countries to impose "friendly" policies. The only thought that this is an acceptable behaviour is outrageous.

He calls for the

"Dismantling of nuclear weapons stationed in the military bases of the United States and its allies in other countries, including Germany, Italy, Japan, and the Netherlands."

Currently, in Italy there are more than a hundred US military bases and amazingly, the population instead of feeling safe, feels militarily occupied. Polluting experiments are being carried out and the lands around such bases are poisoned, causing deaths, cancers and birth defects to the inhabitants. People don't want military bases, nor the presence of foreign troops but, once again, what people want is our governments' last problem.

Ahmadinejad calls for a nuclear disarmament and is ready "to partake in the materialization of just plans on non-proliferation, as well as peaceful use of clean nuclear energy". Western governments, instead of pretending they are looking for peace, leave the room.

Although US and EU have repeatedly performed in warmonger talks, western propaganda outlets keep insisting that the aggressive nation is Iran. Although US and EU have two recent war disasters under their collective belts, they keep insisting that the aggressive nation is Iran. This is the power of brainwashing machine, mostly Zionist-led.

Towards the end of his speech, the Iranian President said what everybody hopes and what our governments shy away from admitting:

"The power of logic would prevail over the logic of power. There will be no room in the future for bullying and the arrogant."

In a nutshell, instead of leaving the room, US and EU representatives should have better stayed and taken notes.

Monday, May 03, 2010

Chemtrails: what are they?

Controversial topic, chemtrails are the focus of many debates. While mainstream media keep ignoring the subject (not surprisingly, by the time everybody will know everything about chemtrails the CNN will issue a scoop), In Italy there have been nine parliamentary questions on the topic.

In Europe, the use of chemtrails has been noticed since 1999, although operations had started in 1997. Since then people, scientists, military officers and politicians have been questioning and talking about the effects they have on the weather and, allegedly, on the population.

Chemtrails are part of military operations, they are released by small planes and consist of toxin-laden aerosols. Needless to say, governments and official sources deny or give vague answers when asked about it, and mainstream papers, being mere governments' stenographers, back their owners' priorities and will write about chemtrails only when allowed.

Among the elements sprayed are aluminum, barium and copper and their effects can lower brain activity, or can change weather conditions provoking or stopping the rain.

Germany has been the first country to publicly acknowledge the presence of chemtrails in the air, there are ongoing debates in many countries and although mainstream press and debunkers are doing their best to divert people's attention, it's possible to see chemtrails almost every day.

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