Wednesday, September 01, 2010

War and the irreparable damage to Iraqi Cultural Heritage

Any way we look at it, wars bring only death and destruction. Their consequences are not easy to amend, and the damages they cause are well beyond repair.

Since the beginning of the occupation, the Iraqi casualties have been 1,366,350, and almost 5,000 US troops lost their lives. All human lives and their respective families ruined for the imperialistic goals of controling the country's natural resources, divide it and sell it to big corporations.

One of the many heinous consequences of wars is the destruction of the society and its cultural values. This is what is dangerously happening in Iraq.

Named Mesopotamia (Land between two Rivers) in ancient times, Iraq has always boasted a thriving cultural heritage, that now is seeing its end due to this deadly occupation. Museums displaying invaluable pieces of Middle Eastern past have been destroyed, and all treasures stolen and certainly sold in the black market.

Killings of human beings and the destruction of a cultural heritage (any heritage) are not problems of the specific countries involved, but they affect humanity as a whole, and with Iraqi's, a huge piece of human history has been lost.

The video I'm posting below is a 3-minute part of a lecture held by Columbia University Professor Zaineb al Bahrani on the very topic of the destruction of Iraqi cultural heritage. The full lecture can be viewed here.

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