Thursday, September 30, 2010

Video Shock: US soldier describes slaughtering of civilians in Afghanistan

In a shocking confession US soldier Jeremy Morlock says he was ordered to kill three randomly chosen civilians in Afghanistan.

This is how a foreign Army (the US, mostly formed by brainwashed and drugged kids) invades a country and kills innocent people in their own land, destroying their families and their society.

Morlock and the other soldiers accused of slaughtering civilians, if found guilty by the military court, can face death penalty.

This is how the lives of a couple of kids are ruined by their own government that first sent them to invade a country in order to control its natural resources and then sentences them to death in order to save its face in front of world's outrage.

Morlock has also claimed that his superior, Calvin Gibbs, coldly selected innocent Afghans to kill for sport and then instructed his men to help make it look like they were insurgents.

This is how war turns human beings into monsters.


Ian said...

Given the American military's medical officers' well-documented involvement in the interrogation of prisoners at Gitmo, Bagram, and black sites we'll never learn of, it would seem to me that saying that 'the man in this video was heavily drugged, confused and led/coerced into making this confession' would be quite a reasonable defense.

He doesn't look or sound that sharp to me.

If the defense lawyers for this soldier pull out the drug/mistreatment card, and win, should we really be surprised, and should any reasonable jury be called into question for acquitting this soldier on that basis, if this confession is all the U.S. army has?

(Luckily for this soldier, he'll have the right of habeas corpus, something the USA has decided - still - to deny its battlefield prisoners accused of war crimes; at least I presume it's war crimes because they aren't being held as POWs under the Geneva Convention, that being the other legal notion we threw out the window.)

Angela said...

He doesn't look drugged to me in this particular video, nor do we know he ever was. He's accusing his superior of ordering the killing of randomly chosen Afghan civilians, investigations are still on-going, and due to the sad history of US troops violence, he's probably telling the truth.

Although I despise who kills in cold blood, I do think US troops are made of kids who don't even know where Iraq or Afghanistan are, before being sent to invade, kill and get killed for the only reason of making the rich richer.

Anonymous said...

I really appreciate it.

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