Saturday, July 03, 2010

G20, G8, the common practice of police infiltration in so-called "Black Bloc"

Carlo Giuliani, activist killed by the Italian police during Genoa's G8 in 2001. Photo from orianomada.

The rather clumsy effort of Canadian police officers to disguise as the infamous Black Bloc in order to put Toronto upside down has been widely exposed, revealing the fear the élite always has when people gather peacefully to protest against the system.

Since the G8 held in Genoa in 2001, before every political meeting, media start warning about the Black Bloc threat.

But who are these gloomy black-clad figures who destroy anything within they reach? And, especially during Genoa's G8, why didn't the police do anything to stop them?

Particularly regarding Genoa's G8, there are many controversial facts.

Witnesses say the police didn't do anything to stop the Black Bloc from destroying cars, shop displays and setting up fire. On the other hand, the same police officers will break in the school Diaz during the night, transformed in those days into a camp, and will beat the activists who were sleeping. The outcome will be a massacre. The official explanation for this difference of treatment will be: "a mistake".

There are photos and videos in which the police appears standing still in front of the pack of Black Bloc, or even pulling back. Official explanation? "We didn't want to hurt them", "We couldn't attack them until they hadn't done anything wrong".

Witnesses have reported to have seen Black Bloc talking very friendly to police officers. Official explanation? "Openness from both sides".

Witnesses have reported that hundreds of Black Bloc were training just 400mt away from a police station. What's wrong with that? Anybody can exercise. Also, why did police run away when the Black Bloc were attacking a police station? There's no official explanation on that, they're still thinking about it.

Why didn't the police stop them at the border when they were coming to Italy armed like if they were going to war? They even prepared themselves in front of the police. Why weren't they stopped?

Italian lawyer Paolo Franceschetti explains why all these questions are met with inconsistent answers: "Black Bloc are simply members of the secret services, and their job was to create disorder during the G8. They weren't stopped because the police received the order not to stop them. They weren't charged because the police received the order not to charge them. They got ready in front of the police officers because the police was protecting them. They trained close to a military station because they were soldiers. They talked friendly to the police because they were colleagues."

The technique used by self-styled "Black Bloc" is perfectly in line with the secret services job of distracting the public from the core of the problem to a side, made-up issue. In fact, during the G8, while no-global activists were demonstrating peacefully against a globalisation that is destroying our planet, that is bringing developing countries to their knees, that is making every nation, one after the other, collapse, that is inventing reasons for new wars every day, that is undermining local cultures to the benefit of big corporations, the public attention was focused on those black figures setting up fires all over Genoa.

The Black Bloc, before their dashing performance in front of cameras, video cameras and media from all over the world, issued their "official statement": they wanted to destroy all private property. Only this statement, according to the Italian law, is already a crime, and the police was obliged to prosecute them. But it didn't.

According to Paolo Franceschetti, "given the means of our secret services and police, it should be easy to identify such people and dismantle their supposed organisation in less than no time." Franceschetti has no doubt: "This is the secret services modus operandi."

Of course, the majority of the protesters were pacifists, belonging to any sort of organisation, from catholic to buddhist, to ordinary citizens fed up of this system that is the source of all problems, not the solution. However, thanks to Black Bloc activities, now in the public mind no-global is synonymous with thug.

All they've done has been creating a fake problem to hide the real one.

Secret services: mission accomplished.

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