Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Silence of the International Community between blood and corruption

Last week the world has witnessed live the umpteenth massacre carried out by the special forces of the Israeli Navy against the activists of the Turkish Mavi Marmara ship. This week the world has witnessed presidents and leaders alternate in their more or less shallow condemnations, a sort of must-follow ritual when such crimes are committed.

US president Barack Obama has failed to show the public opinion his country's independence from the Israeli lobby, confirming once again that the very sovereignty of the United States is more on the paper than in reality. Along with Mr Obama, Western leaders have proved equally spineless in front of Israel's arrogance.

The barbaric attack sheds light on the increasing weakness of the International Community. It's impossible not to notice the defeaning silence of part of the Arab world, along with Western governments, incapable (and unwilling) of imposing their authority in front of an entity that keeps considering itself above any national and international law, and above the most basic principles of civilisation.

Since its inception, Zionism has performed the most heinous crimes, and each and every one of these acts slipped in the scrap heap of history thanks to the complicity of the International Community that has always granted the tiny State with too much decision power in the field of the international relations.

This latest attack against an aid ship aimed at the wounded Gaza Strip reveals the worrying prospect that Zionists are forcing worldwide public mind and diplomatic efforts into a wider resignation while they carry on expanding their control throughout the Middle East.

The policies imposed by the Zionist occupiers on the Palestinian people, based on hatred, racism, cruelty and apartheid, are becoming always more worryingly accepted by the Western diplomatic routine, despite the fierce indignation coming from the public opinion.

Western leaders being incapable of claiming their sovereignty and independence from Zionist influence, this attack against humanitarian aid sets a dramatic precedent in human rights history and a dangerous rise of the tension.

The deliberate onslaught of the Israeli Navy against a NATO member is a serious provocation to worldwide diplomacy, and the unwillingness of the United Nations to carry out an independent international investigation proves the corruption and double-standard within the Western system.

Is Israel trying to make clear that no country can fight against its arrogance? Is Israel anticipating how they have been planning to manage their interests in the Middle East and worldwide?

When the image Israel was giving of itself couldn't get any worse, it did: the commando who alone killed six activists was awarded with a medal of honor, introducing the concept of violence being not only appreciated but encouraged. Israel was founded on horror and genocide, a Nakba that has never ended, and this latest attack by the too independent military forces shows that Israeli government has no respect for human rights nor for any citizen bearing any nationality.

There is no possible justification to such inhumane brutality used against an aid ship carrying activists from more than 40 countries and humanitarian supplies. A brutality that shocked the public mind over the four Continents, yet that inevitably reveals Israel's weakness. In its inhumanity, in fact, the Zionist regime has proved powerless when facing human compassion, unveiling their vicious nature and exposing their intentions of an escalation of violence that anybody challenging their inconsistent reality will have to confront.

Israel's latest onslaught scarily looks like a war sign to Turkey first and foremost, but also a less direct challenge to Iran, Lebanon, Syria and even the US, almost as if to say: "We slaughter your nationals, suck it up and keep fundind our State terrorism".

The unconditional support of the United States to Israel's policies within the occupation and devastation of Palestine, and the endemic submissiveness in front of their ally's aggressive behaviour and criminal activities all over the world, are having the unavoidable consequences of isolating them from future alternative alliances.

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