Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Unnerved Israel lobby prompts Italian Parliament to shut anti-Israel websites

The interference of the Israel lobby in Europe is increasingly evident and unbearable.

Main characters of the latest unfortunate episode that sees zionists meddle in Italian affairs are Fiamma Nirenstein, Stefano Gatti, Renato Farina, Andrè Oboler, Paolo Corsini, Francesco Tempestini, Enrico Pianetta and other "experts" of the main political coalitions PdL (right-wing Berlusconi-led parties) and PD (centre-left), who have presented a proposal before the parliamentary Commission of Constitutional Affairs in order to apply censorship on websites that criticise Israel.

The official reason, as usual, is to "monitor" the spreading of their alleged anti-semitism, but the unofficial and real aim is to gag what remains of the independent press, denying what should be an inalienable right of speech and of information about Israel's crimes in Palestine and all over the world.

Needless to say, Israel's atrocities committed against Palestinians (surely of semitic origins) are not to be considered "anti-semitism", because otherwise the aligned media would lack a term that has turned out to be very effective in the brainwashing process of "politically correct" western public mind.

This is a gloomy attempt by the modern Holy Inquisition to prevent the public opinion from getting informed about Israel's crime, in an age when these are being widely reported all over the world. So-called western "democracies" claim to be staunch defenders of civil liberties and human rights, and systematically restrict them whenever Israel's immoral and unlawful activities are exposed.

Obvious threat to our freedom of speech, this proposal reveals an unnerved Israel lobby trying to cover unconvenient truths that will inevitably undermine the support of worldwide public opinion.

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