Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Scoop: Bin Laden "lives comfortably in Iran"

Un-be-lievable. Fox News didn't even wait a week from Ahmadinejad's enlightened speech at the UN conference to issue such a pearl.

In one of the most unfortunate articles in journalism history, the writer chose to start with melodrama:

"Usama bin Laden gets up each morning in his dark, damp cave in northern Pakistan, gripped by fear, listening carefully for the telltale sound of a drone that is searching for him."

Touching. But suddenly, the scoop: Bin Laden has been living comfortably in Iran for years, apparently in North Tehran (I think Ahmadinejad lives in South Tehran, at least they didn't make them neighbours).

The article is well-packed with tons of small details on Bin Laden's life and 'Parrot', the filmmaker. Now, one might wonder: Since the CIA has plenty of secret agents in Iran, how come did they not find "world's public enemy number one" before Fox News?

Apparently, Fox News journalists have come into possession of a crucial documentary on falconry, in which the director just by chance happens to mention that Bin Laden lives in Tehran.

I'm truly amazed.

Do they really think US/worldwide audience is wholly made of stupid people?

This documentary magically appears two days after Ahmadinejad has said before the UN Assembly (speech reported all over the world) that the United States are the main responsible for the nuclear weapons proliferation. Nothing new, just this is one of the many no-no topics in western regimes, it can't be said by western media, but at the same time, western media could not avoid reporting it, since it has been reported all over the world.

So, typical disinformation method: say A to divert the attention from B.

The US are the main threat for world's peace? - Bin Laden lives in Iran.

Ok, let me get this straight: next time Chavez says that US imperialism is cause of disasters, will Fox News announce that Bin Laden has moved to Venezuela?

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