Monday, May 03, 2010

Chemtrails: what are they?

Controversial topic, chemtrails are the focus of many debates. While mainstream media keep ignoring the subject (not surprisingly, by the time everybody will know everything about chemtrails the CNN will issue a scoop), In Italy there have been nine parliamentary questions on the topic.

In Europe, the use of chemtrails has been noticed since 1999, although operations had started in 1997. Since then people, scientists, military officers and politicians have been questioning and talking about the effects they have on the weather and, allegedly, on the population.

Chemtrails are part of military operations, they are released by small planes and consist of toxin-laden aerosols. Needless to say, governments and official sources deny or give vague answers when asked about it, and mainstream papers, being mere governments' stenographers, back their owners' priorities and will write about chemtrails only when allowed.

Among the elements sprayed are aluminum, barium and copper and their effects can lower brain activity, or can change weather conditions provoking or stopping the rain.

Germany has been the first country to publicly acknowledge the presence of chemtrails in the air, there are ongoing debates in many countries and although mainstream press and debunkers are doing their best to divert people's attention, it's possible to see chemtrails almost every day.

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