Monday, May 31, 2010

Attack against Freedom Flotilla is a terrorist act and a crime against humanity

Neurosis can make people say stupid things. Given the nonsense coming out from Zionist propaganda both in Palestine and in Europe, the Israeli establishment must be freaking out.

It is amazing how a government in possession of nuclear weapons is afraid of eight ships of peace activists loaded with humanitarian aids and hope heading to Gaza, transformed by the Zionists into an open-air concentration camp.

Arrogance being the main ingredient of the Israeli occupation authorities, also thanks to an inefficient "international community" and corrupt Western governments, this flotilla leaving from the main European ports and in its way to Gaza was certainly seen as a challenge to their self-styled authority.

Over the past few days, Twitter has been rocking due to the increased use of the hashtags of #flotilla, #freedomflotilla and #Gaza, and the Zionist government has proved unable to face reality. Once again, they have indulged in aggressive and misleading propaganda, attacking the activists with any kind of absurdities.

With the help of subservient mainstream European outlets, the Israeli government has managed to release their version of the facts. In a burst of sci-fi journalism, Berlusconi-owned Il Giornale reported "Turkish ships towards Gaza is to help Iran".

Israel had threatened the activists they will arrest and keep them in prison should they dock in Gaza shores. The activists' reply was the only possible: Israel has no authority over us, over international waters, over Gaza.

As a matter of fact, Israel has no authority whatsoever over Palestine, and it's not above international laws.

Despite the fact that Israel is an illegal colony, it claimed the right to decide whether the Freedom Flotilla, carrying tons of food, medical equipment and building material, could enter Gaza or not. Again with the complete silence of the United Nations which, in theory (apparently, only in theory), were born to defend human rights against injustice.

The shallow propaganda that some Twitter accounts such as @2012israel are trying in vain to pass consists of nonsense such as "Do you know that Israel keeps sending tons of humanitarian aids to Gaza?" or "There is no humanitarian emergency in Gaza". Such lies bear no other result than showing how angry, embarrassed and powerless the Israeli authorities are compared to unarmed citizens' actions.

Looking at the matter carefully, one might just wonder what is Israel complaining about. In fact, all these activists are doing is trying to bring a little bit of comfort to the Palestinians living in Gaza and facing every day bombings, shootings, attacks and humiliations by the Zionist army.

Instead of being grateful, Israel authorities attacked the ships and stopped the humanitarian aid. Where exactly is the problem? Why are Israeli authorities opening so many Twitter accounts and pretending to friendly "inform" the other users that they are actually "helping" Gaza?

The problem is that they are losing their face. The biggest problem is that they have been losing their face for so long that always less people are buying their propaganda, and the direct result is that always less people (at least in Europe) are buying the newspapers at all, being them all pro-Zionist.

The image of the "good Jews" who want to build "the only democracy in the Middle East" is just not working anymore.

People travel, people access to independent press, people have the ability to think with their own brain, and the we-want-to-bring-democracy-to-Middle-East strategy simply is outdated. And Israel authorities know full well they are losing the PR war.

So here it comes the time to change strategy: don't challenge us or we will crush you.

Turkish government, the only European country that in these days is showing to have guts, has warned Israel against stopping the Freedom Flotilla, but nevertheless the Israeli Navy has attacked the flotilla and slaughtered 19 activists.

This massacre is a terrorist act carried out in international waters, disrespecting international laws, against Turkish and other EU countries' citizens. By stopping the humanitarian aid to Gaza concentration camp, the Israeli government has further committed crimes against humanity, keeping the blockade of the flow of basic goods and people from and to Gaza.

This, however, shouldn't be a problem for the Zionist entity, founded on a genocide and used to such atrocities.


Muffincita said...

I love your blog. Congratulations! I found it today, and I've only read a few articles. But I really like it. Mashallah!

Angela said...

Thanks very much for your nice comment and welcome :) I'll keep posting ;)

Tom Dennen said...

The western press keeps on about the 'fact' that the Israeli attack on this humanitarian aid flotilla was to bring notice to the 'fact' that Hamas 'seized power' in Palestine in 2007.

I was under the impression that Hamas was democratically elected by the Palestinians at that time.

What I'd like to know is why I am labeled a 'holocaust denier' when I mention that this election which 'seized power' was legal?

Tom Dennen

Tony. said...

Hi Angela.

Great blog, completely summing up the shame that is called Israel.

People are starting to wake up to what is really going on out there thanks to people like you, and not the mainstream media that choose to only report what they are told to.

the cook said...

hi angela,i to just stumbled on your blog.i agree with what you say,israel is a rouge and illegal state.i live in australia and the msm here is the same the world do we stop zionism before it is to late? the oz govt said we condem this,wow thats really scary would'nt you agree.the israeli ambassodor should be on his way back to palistine and the embassy closed.2 auusies prisnor one wounded,it is an act of war.these were commited in internatioal more thing the ship was turkish flagged what is turkey going to do.good luck and thanks .

Angela said...

Thank you all for your comments.

Tom, being Israel an illegal colony with no authority on the Palestinian land that they have stolen, the only card they can play is the emotional one. So when they see someone who knows what actually happens in Palestine and that doesn't buy the zionist propaganda, the terms they use are always the same: Holocaust denier, anti-Semite, Jew-hater. We all know their are as inconsistent as their policies. And rest assured that they are so brainwashed and used to saying it that they don't even know the meaning of their words.

Tony, thanks for the words of encouragement. Having worked for mainstream media, yes, they report either from filtered press agencies or official press releases. Hard work, isn't it? Only a few stick their neck out, but unfortunately, they are not Western media, unless truly independent.

The cook, as far as I know, the Turkish government, always very critical towards Israel, has adopted the hard line and has expelled the Israeli ambassador in Ankara. What we can do is keeping pressing on our governments and on social networks, so that mainstream media can see we are not appreciating the lies they are telling us and that their reports are always the least reliable.
What's most important is that Israel must release the activists illegally kidnapped and kept in their prisons, and after this will have happened, that the public opinion does not forget about this and keeps pressing on for the end of the siege in Gaza and the illegal occupation of Palestine.

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