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Ahmadinejad's speech at the UN meets walkout: truth hurts.

The White House has defined Ahmadinejad's speech at the UN "predictable". The same can be said about their delegate's reaction: it has become routine for US representatives to leave the room when the President of an arbitrarily named "rogue" state starts speaking.

As soon as the US delegate stood up (previously taught by his masters), the representatives of "poodle" states did the same, wagging their tails proudly. Very likely, the Italian representative didn't even understand what was going on and just stood up complying to the orders.

But what did exactly provoke such an outwards traffic at the UN conference?

I have analysed Ahmadinejad's infamous speech and failed to understand western representatives' reaction.

First and foremost, the Iranian leader has stated:

"Some States define in their strategies the nuclear bomb as an element of stability and security, and this is one of their big mistakes."

I hardly find anything wrong in that, and I think other countries agree with Ahmadinejad, as long as they don't have invading/attacking/colonising ambitions.

Then, Ahmadinejad pressed on:

"The nuclear bomb is a fire against humanity rather than a weapon for defense.

The possession of nuclear bombs is not a source of pride; it is rather disgusting and shameful. And even more shamfeul is the threat to use or to use such weapons, which is not even comparable to any crime committed throughout the history.

Those who committed the first atomic bombardment are considered to be among the most hated in history."

Again, Mr Ahmadinejad is right, and again the United States frantically try to maintain their self-proclaimed world-leadership, while losing their legendary appeal, so meticulously built during the Cold War (soft-power anyone?). Because this is their biggest concern, losing popularity, and especially losing the support of the always less brainwashed public mind to their criminal activities.

The Iranian leader doesn't shy away from pointing his finger against the arrogance of "certain" States. Can we blame him?

"Enjoying especial privileges in the highest global security decision-making bodies and in the IAEA, certain nuclear weapon States widely exploit these platforms against the non-nuclear weapon States, contrary to the spirit of the NPT. This unjust practice, repeated over and over, has turned into a pattern.

So far, none of the non-nuclear weapon States has ever been able to exercise their inalienable and legal rights for peaceful use of nuclear energy without facing pressures and threats."

This comes from the assumption of self-righteousness that the United States want to apply to their own policies, self-proclaming themselves the best democracy in the world, the only one with the right to judge, impose social and moral patterns, occupy foreign countries, teach what's good and what's not, determine when another State is "rogue" or "friend".

In line with his political line, Ahmadinejad doesn't forget to mention Israel:

"While the Zionist regime which has stockpiled hundreds of nuclear warheads, has waged many wars in the region and continues to threaten the people and nations of the region with terror and invasion, enjoys the unconditional support of the United States government and its allies and receives, as well, the necessary assistance to develop its nuclear weapon program. The same States impose various kinds of pressures on the members of the IAEA on the false pretext of probable diversions in their peaceful nuclear activities without providing even a single credible proof to substantiate their allegation."

Israel has been carrying out the systematic ethnic cleansing of Palestine since 1948, while western governments watched and nodded in fake disapproval, insisting in supporting such criminal acts and in denying the evidence, despite the millions of Palestinian refugees and the massacres the Zionist regime keeps perpetrating undisturbed. Such crimes notwithstanding, and despite being a constant threat to the other Middle Eastern countries and to world's peace, Israel is still allowed to possess nuclear weapons.

Rightfully, Ahmadinejad added [my highlighting]:

"Expecting the major arms dealers to work for the establishment of security is an illogical expectation.

The government of the United States which is the main suspect in the production, stockpiling and use and threat of the use of nuclear weapons, insists to assume the leadership role in reviewing the NPT. The U.S. administration, in its recently released Nuclear Posture Review (NPR), has announced that it will neither produce new nuclear weapons nor will it attack non-nuclear weapon States by nuclear weapons.

The United States has never respected any of its commitments. One may ask how much could nations possibly trust the US to implement its commitments? What are the guarantees for living up to such commitments? And what are the tools for its independent verification? It should be born in mind that in the past decades the United States has had most of its wars and conflicts with those who were once its friends.

Furthermore, under the same NPR, some member States of the IAEA which are also committed members of the NPT have been threatened to be the target of a preemptive nuclear strike. The United States government has always tried to divert the public opinion's attention from its noncompliance and unlawful actions by bringing into focus some misleading issues. They have recently raised the issue of nuclear terrorism as part of their efforts to maintain and upgrade their nuclear arsenals on one hand, and divert world public opinion from the issue of disarmament and direct them toward phony matters, on the other, while arming the terrorists with nuclear weapons are only conceivable by those States which posses such weapons and have used them and also have a long record of supporting terrorists."

Further down:

"In the NPR, it is noted that the U.S. will not develop new nuclear weapons, but they will continue to improve them qualitatively. The qualitative improvement of nuclear weapons is tantamount to increase in lethality and destructive power of such weapons, which itself signifies the vertical proliferation. In addition, these policies are not verifiable, because there is no supervision by any independent authoritative body on nuclear programs of the United States and its allies."

Again, someone might wonder: Who gives the US the right to act in disrespect of international law and to decide of the destiny of sovereign and independent States? Just because European countries have accepted to be subservient to the US regime, it doesn't mean that all world's nations have to comply too.

Through wars, covert operations and open-air "coloured revolutions", the United States have spread their tentacles all over the world, interfering in domestic affairs of sovereign countries to impose "friendly" policies. The only thought that this is an acceptable behaviour is outrageous.

He calls for the

"Dismantling of nuclear weapons stationed in the military bases of the United States and its allies in other countries, including Germany, Italy, Japan, and the Netherlands."

Currently, in Italy there are more than a hundred US military bases and amazingly, the population instead of feeling safe, feels militarily occupied. Polluting experiments are being carried out and the lands around such bases are poisoned, causing deaths, cancers and birth defects to the inhabitants. People don't want military bases, nor the presence of foreign troops but, once again, what people want is our governments' last problem.

Ahmadinejad calls for a nuclear disarmament and is ready "to partake in the materialization of just plans on non-proliferation, as well as peaceful use of clean nuclear energy". Western governments, instead of pretending they are looking for peace, leave the room.

Although US and EU have repeatedly performed in warmonger talks, western propaganda outlets keep insisting that the aggressive nation is Iran. Although US and EU have two recent war disasters under their collective belts, they keep insisting that the aggressive nation is Iran. This is the power of brainwashing machine, mostly Zionist-led.

Towards the end of his speech, the Iranian President said what everybody hopes and what our governments shy away from admitting:

"The power of logic would prevail over the logic of power. There will be no room in the future for bullying and the arrogant."

In a nutshell, instead of leaving the room, US and EU representatives should have better stayed and taken notes.

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