Tuesday, April 06, 2010

WikiLeaks, a classified video from Iraq shows another slaughter and another US embarrassment

The gruesome video WikiLeaks has published, breaking in the secret halls of the Pentagon, has made the world discuss once again about the legitimacy that the United States grant themselves with in order to invade, conquer and destroy any country they like, with the resulting slaughtering of their people. The most fashionable excuse, nowadays, is to “bring democracy”, and the question comes almost alone: does anyone need the US to bring them democracy? No.

The US way to bring democracy is with bombs, guns, rifles, depleted uranium, white phosphorus. Result: nobody needs nor wants US democracy. Does the Pentagon think theirs is the best government and democracy in the world? Good, keep it, we are not jealous.

Recently, I went to the United Arab Emirates, and technically, or better, according to our political patterns, their system is not a democracy: they don't have elections. As far as I could see, they are doing much better than we are in our European democracies, where every now and then the current crop of politicians give us headache with their electoral slogans and run as candidates in the usual farce that we call “elections”. In every election, the candidates sing the same refrain: "no more taxes, more jobs", and after every elections, citizens echo the same song: "more taxes, no jobs". But we live in a democracy, we can vote, we can choose between a couple of parties that, although they bear different names, all belong to the same party, the party of power.

As the newspaper The National has written, “Wikileaks has done more scoops in its short life than the Washington Post in the past 30 years.” This is very true, but we also need to add that the Washington Post is not allowed to issue such scoops, because their job is to keep the system go on, boosting its propaganda and hiding its crimes.

With the excuse of fighting terror, the US administration has brought unspeakable suffering to Afghanistan and Iraq, caused the death of millions of people, caused high percentages of birth and heart defects due to the weapons used by the troops and destroyed their country. Even if our journalists fake happy emotions when reporting that Iraqi people "have voted for democracy". Give me a break.

Writes William Blum in his April Anti- Empire Report "One could fill many large volumes with the details of the environmental and human horrors the United States has brought to Fallujah and other parts of Iraq during seven years of using white phosphorous shells, depleted uranium, napalm, cluster bombs, neutron bombs, laser weapons, weapons using directed energy, weapons using high-powered microwave technology, and other marvelous inventions in the Pentagon's science-fiction arsenal ... the list of abominations and grotesque ways of dying is long, the wanton cruelty of American policy shocking."

All this, in the name of money, hidden by fake democratic principles, with the real aim to conquer, divide and sell the lands to the big corporations. And all this, with doormat European countries watching and complying to the orders.

After the leak out of this latest video showing the horrors that the US administrations are bringing about in the Middle East, the US defence department is reportedly "embarrassed". It's worth noticing, however, that this embarrassment is due to the leak of information, and not to the killing of twelve people. Twelve, among the millions of people slaughtered during these senseless wars, innocent civilians "expendable for the greater good".

How people all over the world can still accept such abuse of power and believe in such gross propaganda, is beyond me.


Max said...

I watched most of the long version of this video last night. Made me sick to see it. It is also sad that a lot of the people who were with me in opposition to the corruption in the system are now firmly latched on to the tit of the gov because "their man won the election". It's fine to destroy humanity as long as you are on the winning team, I guess.


Angela said...

Unfortunately, this seems like to be the general opinion, and yeah, it looks like we are doing our very best to cause other people to suffer and destroy humanity.

Earth history is made with different species that appeared and disappeared, following one another. I think the human one is the first species that will cause its own end.

It's hard to admit that Obama is not keeping his electoral promises, but the sooner we accept it, the better.

Anonymous said...

The way the military use the word "engage" to actually mean "murdering people by pressing a button from miles away" makes me profoundly sick. Let alone defining "nice" the view of bodies lying dead or agonising in a pool of blood. Good article Angela and hats off to the excellent journalism of Wikileaks. Let's circulate this for everybody to see.


Angela said...

Thanks for your comment, Francesco, the way US troops are brainwashed and acts when on "mission" is sickening indeed, as much as it is the US propaganda and censorship that cover all this up.

Alotaibi said...

This is the reality if the situation on the ground.

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