Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Video: Polish plane crash, do we know everything?

I'm posting a video from investigative journalist Jane Burgemeister, famous for her fight against the swine flu mass vaccination.

The video raises important questions on how the events have occurred and on how following investigations have unfolded (have they?).

The very moment I heard tv reports on the plane crash, I felt something was wrong or untold. The official version implied that it was a very dangerous airport and that the pilot had been repeatedly warned to land in another airport nearby. After trying three times, he kept insisting on landing there.

So I thought: Why on earth would a pilot who's certainly well-trained (President's plane, after all!) go on a certain suicide? And then, the fourth time, when he actually landed, he went against trees? Was the pilot blind?

But, on the other hand, I couldn't find any reason for an attack. There had been clashes within Europe with the Polish government, but come on, a plane crash? Slawomir Wisniewski, the first journalist to get to the scene, has reported that he has not seen anything resembling a human body or personal belongings whatsoever.

Maybe this video will answer some of my questions.


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