Monday, April 12, 2010

Italian doctors arrested in Afghanistan: plots and lies

Three Italian doctors working with the NGO Emergency, founded by Gino Strada, were arrested in Afghanistan for allegedly plotting to kill the governor of Helmand, Gulab Mangal.

True is that NGO Emergency has never been a fan of the Italian support of US criminal activities in Afghanistan, but was it really the case to stop them for that?

It's no mystery that Italy is only an ailing, pathetic Zio-US-colony and that each and every government has been previously stamped and approved by the CIA, but forgodsake, do Italian politicians really need to remind us of this every time they open their mouth? Can they really never say anything even a little evocative of some veneer of independence?

A while ago, Italian premier Berlusconi, who is not exactly famous for his intellectual brightness, issued the very unfortunate remark of our "brotherhood" with Israel, brotherhood mainly unknown (and quite not appreciated) by Italian people, and urged Israel to become a member of the EU.

Yesterday, the Italian minister of Foreign Affairs, Franco Frattini, issued another pearl. Two, actually. Asked about the events the three medical workers found themselves involved in, instead of showing the support he's supposed to give to Italian citizens abroad, he immediately replied; "The men arrested are not part of the Italian involvement in Afghanistan," and "the Italian government confirms its hard line against any kind of direct or indirect support to terrorist activities in Afghanistan and anywhere else."

Excuse me, Mr Frattini: What?

  • Are you saying that you are not going to protect the three Italian doctors that in Afghanistan are trying to save the desperate cases of bodies mangled by US humanitarianism?
  • Are you implying, by any chance, that the Emergency's doctors are somehow involved in any kind of terrorist activity?
  • Are you saying to all Italian citizens abroad that they have no government to rely on should anything happen to them?
  • Do you know that you are a minister of a sovereign and independent State and that you are entitled (and required) to kick any foreign interference out of the national Parliament?
  • Do you know that it's not necessary to be always subservient at 90° and that even the most thick-headed has now understood you are a zio-servant?

Frattini has showed, once again, he doesn't represent Italy, because most of the Italian population is unconditionally on Emergency's side. 
He has proved unfit to be part of the Italian government because unwilling to defend Italians abroad. 
His reaction, in this occasion, was highly disappointing, thus, he should seriously consider to resign from his position.


SilviaMori said...

Dear Angela and dear followers of Angela's blog,
the matter is so important that looking at how events are unfolding is crucial to the full understand of where we're tragically standing.
We are a country in war (well, I'm Italian too) keep calling the 'mission' a peace keeping one in which innocents are getting killed daily also by Italian troupes.
Gino Strada, a magnificent man before even been called a Doctor, is the living proof that Italians troupes are engaged as much as the other countries in a proper war.
Him along with the 'Emergency' volunteers are dealing on a daily basis with the results of that war silenced to the rest of the world.
He claims to have spoken on the phone, 30 mins after the discover of the weapons in his hospital, with the designed victim, the governor of Helmand, Gulab Mangal, who stated he didn't have a clue about the whole turning of the events which seem to clash a little with the intelligence he must have available to his own benefit given his ranking in the political scene.
Emergency turns out to be the last 'media report' on the war that is carried out in Afghanistan against terror (at least that's the official cover up).
There's a chance for all of us to show in first instance our solidarity to the three Doctors being held without charges so far (technically then being government-kidnapped) and left alone by their own country's institutional figures, by signing on the Emergency website ( ) the appeal to tell the big heads what people stand next to..
and in second instance, in my view, signing the petition will show at the same time how media are failing to keep all the minds wrapped up in silver foil to the only benefit of power and finance.
I'm signing right now.

Angela said...

Thank you for your comment, Silvia, and for the heads-up. I've just signed the petition, I hope this unfortunate will end up the best way for the doctors of "Emergency".

Dario said...

It's the NATO's (US) way to close the eyes of an incovenient witness!Emergency's doctors are just guilty of being italians (hard for me to say it as I am italian myself)!!! Not an english, dutch, german etc. has ever been stopped by Afghani police.

Angela said...

Yes, Dario, I've had the same impression. Moreover, I'd like to add that at least for appearance, the other European government maintain some veneer of sovereignty, which Italy has completely lost. When the Mossad has forged UK passports in order to enter easily in the UAE to kill Hamas leader in Dubai, the UK government has kicked a Mossad representative out of the UK, causing diplomatic tension. The Italian government would have never done that to protect its reputation, nor an Italian citizen.

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