Monday, August 17, 2009

Italy Clerical State

Among the things I don't understand in life there certainly is the fact that still many people agree, or at least don't complain, that the Pope has the right to speak out in political matters and influence the development of social life.

For example, recently in the public Italian tv, journalist Roberto Balducci, whose task was to cover Vatican affairs (I hardly imagine a more boring duty), has committed the terrible sin to say the truth regarding the attendance to one of the weekly meetings the Pope holds in St. Peter's Square: he acknowledged, in fact, that there were very few people (well, he used a typical Italian expression "quattro gatti" that translates literally "only four cats were there").

I suddenly pictured the Pope wishing we were back to the Middle Age, with the laws of the Inquisition still in force, illiterate people buying Vatican's absurdities and secret prisons used to torture who didn't want to confess their deliberate disobedience to the will of God.

But no, we are in 2009, in Italy, a country that, Vatican's presence notwithstanding, is struggling to be considered a civilised country, so no torture for Balducci, just the dismissal from his boring task.

As it usually happens in a Clerical State, criticisms to the only legal representative of God on earth (sic!), awaken the sleeping MPs who cry out for justice, respect, fairness.
I guess Balducci quickly understood he wasn't going to walk out unpunished and was relieved to learn that no torture was planned: the tv director deemed it was a fair resolution to remove him and replace him with someone who has the guts to tell that St. Peter's Square is always full of pilgrims, and if this is not enough to please God, that the Pope is tall, blonde and blue-eyed!

Alas, such absurdity, as is the papal authority, still exists and, what's worse, it has a political weight, and what's even worse is that many people still believe that the Pope believes in God and speaks for the good.

I wish I could plagiarise now, but Voltaire (1694-1778) is way too popular to pretend this perle is my creation, so I humbly bow to his genius: "For seventeen hundred years the Christian sect has done nothing but harm."

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Italian-style dictatorship

The favorite statement of the anti-Berlusconi swarm is that he is a dictator. Although I think Italy (not only Italy actually) is living in a dictatorship, I don’t think Berlusconi is the only tyrant we can boast, of course he’s one of the main characters in this grotesque b-movie, but I’m convinced he’s in a very good company.

As Judge Roberto Scarpinato explains very clearly in his book “Il Ritorno del Principe,” the power is “obscene,” word coming from the latin “ob-scenus” and meaning “behind the scenes.” In fact, the real decisions are all made behind the scenes, the official speeches Presidents made are meaningless and all arguments and fights between centre-right and centre-left parties have the only purpose to entertain the public, keep the press busy and give a veneer of right-left bipolarism.

The truth is that centre-left and centre-right in Italy have the same interests and need the same laws to carry them on. Now, to keep giving this veneer of bipolarism and democracy, parties belonging to different coalitions must also have different tasks. The main task of the centre-right coalition is to carry on with anti-immigration laws (with a twist of racism given the pathetic presence of the Northern League), or to destroy the judiciary system making unlawful laws such as the (in)famous Lodo Alfano, according to which the four highest offices of state are granted with total immunity.

This is the stint of the centre-right parties, all things that need to be done now, that's why now is the time the centre-right coalition stays on power. Once all these nasty jobs are done, democratic media will fête the next centre-left winners, relieved that we are finally back in democracy, the time of modern-age Mussolini is over and we can finally breath, unless suffocated by the always heavier condition of colony we are living in.

As it usually happens in these cases, the centre-left coalition that will succeed to Mr. Berlusconi’s team will forget to change the unlawful laws approved by its predecessor and will start enjoying them: the four highest offices of the state will still be granted with total immunity, anti-immigration laws will stay the same and the conflict of interest that made Berlusconi renowned all over the world will stay as legal as it is now.

Of course, when Mr. Prodi & co. were in charge of the executive didn’t do it on purpose, they simply were too busy to cancel Berlsconi’s harmful bills, because they had to save Italy, so this time too, they might be faithful to their tradition and keep selling all Italian national agencies and major companies (or what’s left of them after the fraud of the early 1990s) to anglo-american banks for a song.

The next centre-left parties won’t need to re-make uncostitutional laws (the centre-right did it, remember?) so, since people have a very short memory, everybody will forget and we will go back to live in a happy democracy (sic).

So, as a distraction from the real problems, so-called “leftist” media in Italy only talks about Berlusconi’s little friends and parties in his villa in Sardinia. The same leftist media that praise American imperialism and every time forget to mention that Italy is sucking up all obligations that its condition of anglo-american colony imposes.

But it’s ok, let’s continue with gossip, this is the way a democratic country solves its problems, staying at the surface of things, never going in-depth, to avoid to shock the self-righteous by undermining their blissful ignorance.

Sunday, August 02, 2009

Interview with Ilan Pappe, historian from Israel

An interesting interview with Ilan Pappe, Israelian historian author of the book "The Ethnic Cleansing of Palestine," where he clearly explains how the Israelian government has been humiliating the Palestinian people, illegally occupying their territories and carefully planning their genocide. Not surprisingly, he doesn't teach in Haifa University anymore, but in Exeter, UK.
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