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Iran, US and regime-change

As usual when something important happens, I delve into history, facts and all media I manage to get access to. The event that is holding today's front pages is the so-called Iranian revolution and the whole bunch of European and US media are busy like never before protecting "human rights". I was so moved and wondered: since when on earth the West gives a damn about human rights? And then the spectre of the bloody profit came along.

Let's face it, Dr Ahmadinejad is a pain in the neck. He could just agree to let our home-bred loan-sharks in Iran and I'm pretty sure that corporate western media wouldn't have doubted his overwhelming re-election. Can he really not see how free we are with our "free market" and "free usury" values?

Another mistake Dr Ahmadinejad keeps making is bringing up Palestinian people's rights against the Zionist regime. If he had done his homework, the Iranian President would know by now that corporate western media are controlled by Zionists, and that in our free nations supporting human rights never pays off.

Are the rights of Palestinians important to western governments? Zionist regime is carrying out a genocide, with Gaza being a huge concentration camp where people are kept in by Israel's illegal and arbitrary blockade and bombed in Israeli airstrikes, ignoring the protests of the international civil society. What do western governments do? Nothing.

The fact that the president of a nation openly condemns the Zionist regime and is not afraid to face Israel and the US and denounce their crimes is seen by our media as a sign of dictatorship. If that was a dictatorship I truly doubt Mousavi could have done an electoral campaign and demonstrators would have been free to demonstrate.

Never mind that the poorest classes of the Iranian population are with Ahmadinejad, they can't twitter or facebook their opinions so we can't share them. The important is that the US-backed candidate will go to power, ensuring that foreign capitals are welcome and that Iran becomes the umpteenth US colony to support Israel's crimes in the Middle East and loses all its independency.

Our media today report the violent demonstrations taking place in Tehran and what bothers me is that when people in London and all over Europe demonstrate against the various G8, G20 or Nato, if there are a couple of troublemakers, automatically all demonstrators are pictured as violent. Now that in Iran demonstrators have actually burnt cars and buildings, it's not their fault, because the government's police is violent.

Amazingly, people who demonstrate against the wars that our administrations wage are violent. If, instead, people demonstrate against what our governments arbitrarily consider "rogue" governments, they are peaceful.

The practice of regime change is routine in US foreign policy, we can say it's their speciality, they've had plenty of time to improve during the Cold War all over the world and Iran this time was even an easy job if we consider that in 1953 the US intelligence had done what is doing now. History repeats itself but it seems like it never teaches anything.

I refuse to believe that every journalist in Europe and the US is uneducated and with no knowledge whatsoever of the Iranian politics, but unfortunately, reading what they write, this is exactly what it looks like.

As Paul Craig Roberts has written, "Every Iranian knows that the president of Iran is a public figure with limited powers. His main role is to take the heat from the governing grand Ayatollah. No Iranian, and no informed Westerner, could possibly believe that Ahmadinejad is a dictator. Even Ahmadinejad’s superior, Khamenei, is not a dictator, as he is appointed by a government body that can remove him.

The demonstrations, like those in 1953, are intended to discredit the Iranian government and to establish for Western opinion that the government is a repressive regime that does not have the support of the Iranian people. This manipulation of opinion sets up Iran as another Iraq ruled by a dictator who must be overthrown by sanctions or an invasion."

Invasion? I somehow recall Hillary Clinton making not long ago some scary forecast on Iran. But of course, she's the secretary of a state that has the power to teach democratic values with bombs so she only wants to stay in line with her predecessors. The US have been doing this since the end of World War II, different ways depending on which country they were destroying. They have already provoked demonstrations and so-called "revolutions" to place their favourite candidates. What do we need to wake up?

My hope is that they won't export the same democracy they have brought to Iraq, otherwise who is demonstrating in Iran today will regret it for the rest of their lives.

Small memo for who accuses Ahmadinejad to be anti-Semite

Letter from Neturei Karta Anti-Zionist Jews to President Ahmadinejad
Written by
Saturday, 20 June 2009 01:41

In the Name of Allah, the Beneficent, the Merciful,

To the Honorable President of the Islamic Republic of Iran,
Mahmoud Ahmedinajad

As Orthodox Jews who oppose the diabolic Zionist state we wish to express our
very best wishes for your success in your next term as the elected President of the
Islamic Republic of Iran.

A number of Orthodox Jews from outside of Iran have had the great pleasure and honor of meeting you and other honorable governmental and religious leaders of the Islamic Republic of Iran, as well as many ordinary people in your wonderful country, both Jewish and non-Jewish Iranians.

Mr. President, your wonderful leadership in courageously revealing the truth about

the evils of Zionism and condemning it is of immense and immeasurable value,
especially in the face of the campaigns launched against Iran by world Zionism and its
media machine, and with the help of G-d can bring closer the day when that vile
terrorist Zionist regime is dismantled, all the rights of the Palestinian People are
restored throughout historic Palestine, and a Republic of Palestine replaces the
ethnocratic and racist State of “Israel,” which always violates all laws and values of
the international community and all laws and values of the authentic Jewish religion.
Indeed, Jews who oppose Zionism and who live with the borders of the Zionist state
also look forward to being liberated from Zionist control.

We wish to extend our warmest greetings to all the people and leaders of the
Islamic Republic of Iran and our very best wishes for prosperity and success in all

Rabbi Meir Hirsh

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