Friday, April 17, 2009

From 9/11 to the decline of the Anglo-american empire

In the wake of the ruthless and immoral exploitation of human suffering (both American and not) carried out by the Bush/Cheney administration, it might be a good occasion for Obama to bring the "change we can believe in" he's been talking for ages and open a proper, independent investigation on 9/11.

Why not? The official version has proved inconsistent and false and there is always a thinner part of the world population that believes it, so what's the harm in saying the truth? Ok, 3,000 American lives "expendable" for the greater good, more than a million Iraqi lives "expendable" for democracy, thousands of American kids sent to die in Afghanistan and Iraq to build a much better world, world that unfortunately they won't have the possibility to enjoy.

Let alone the once-democratic countries being slowly (or not so slowly) transformed in police states, with a rampant fascism spreading all over Europe: English police beating up people just for the sake of it, Italian government banning cartoonists and journalists just because they are not aligned with their totalitarianism.

Recently, I enjoyed a querelle in the travel blogosphere about an article appeared in the Independent about Dubai: all travel writers, who happen to know Dubai very well, from Lara Dunston to Terence Carter to Susan Macaulay agree in saying that the article is unbalanced, with no research behind, full of common places and racism-nuanced. I haven't read that specific article, but honestly, knowing English press, I do believe what the travel writers say. After all, the only purpose of English press is governmental mind-control and brainwash trusting subjects.

Not long ago I laughed out loud reading an article on the Economist about how Lula ruined Brasil. Of course Mr Economist knows that Brasil has grown 5% last year and that is expected to grow "only" 3% this year, and he also knows that "Great" Britain is not really growing, especially thanks to the artists of the creative finance populating the sacred spot of the City of London. Sorry, Mr Economist, your articles reek of desperation.

It's not the end of the world, just of an empire, one of the many in human history, it's lasted even longer than the American, kind of losing ground too. We know, it's an inescapable process, all empires have gone through their heyday and their decline. Accept it with grace and go back to do some good information, as now you look pathetic.
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