Monday, March 23, 2009

Obama, "let's start again"

I've listened astonished to the video in which God-instructed Barack Obama opens at Iran's leaders, and I understood why Ayatollah Ali Khamenei dismissed it.

It seems that with Obama, the United States of America have provided the world with a new Messiah who, differently from the first one (Jesus, not Bush), doesn't need to travel on foot or on a horse to reach his audiences. In fact, modern-age world's Saviour has TV, videos, Internet and (last but not least) democratic facebook at his disposal. Good for him, and apparently for all of us.

The problem, I think, is that Obama's politics is way too populistic to be used in semi-official communications with any leader of any country (except for Berlusconi, with him the best bet is to use very easy words and possibly a sketch, as he's likely not to understand anything about politics). Obviously, the recipients of this video were not Iran's leaders, but the population of Western Hemisphere, so that in the next invasion we all are already convinced that our wars are "just." (I can hear already mainstream European gazettes shouting: "Remember the video of Obama!")

Now, at everybody's eyes, Obama has made a massive change in the US approach towards Middle Eastern countries, has offered a clear overture to Iran's leaders, asking candidly "Let's start again," and they dismissed it. Why? Because they are jealous, yes, jealous of our civilisation (sigh), of our values (sigh) and our freedom (sigh!). And, for most Western public mind, because they are warmongers. Because let's face it, we know that Middle Eastern countries are fundamentally warmongers, and that the United States have always sacrificed themselves to protect the world against evil.

Since the end of the Second World War, US administrations (all of them) have invaded, bombed, organised covert actions all over the world, toppling democratic regimes and replacing them with the most heinous dictatorships, in the name of democracy. But the warmongers are the Iranians, how can they dismiss a so whole-hearted video?

Now that Obama is here, fret not, he wants peace as much as we do, he's offering a change in the most populistic of the options, so that everybody can see it, so that nobody has the least doubt that a real revolution is in the air.

And if there won't be any change, the public mind will be already shaped and led to think that it's not Obama's fault, because Obama is not Bush, because since January 2009 the US policy has completely changed direction, and the economic and financial interests no longer exist.

Never mind providing arms to Israel to keep carrying out the genocide of Palestinian people, this is another story.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

The desperate show of death

Zygmunt Bauman has defined London as the "dustbin" of globalisation. Never like now could I agree more with him.

As if the circus of Big Brother was not sad enough, now that one of the stars of its latest editions is dying from cancer, a freakish voyeurism seems obsessing the majority of UK population.

From radio and TV shows to the main national tabloids and newspapers, the odyssey of 27-year-old Jade has become everybody's business.

This young woman was diagnosed cancer and the results of the biopsy were immediately of public domain as her UK doctor chose to let her know in the middle of a chat from the Diary Room of the Indian version of Big Brother. As for the share market, the choice couldn't be wiser.

Since she, and everybody in this country, learnt she had cancer, the marathon of common places has started. She is obviously shocked and desperately clings to every little piece of life she has left, but the sleazy pleasure that mediocre people are drawing from witnessing every moment of this girl's death, is degrading and offensive.

What kind of society makes a show out of someone's ultimate suffering? What kind of business enjoys cashing in from someone's death?

Apparently, the arguments, fights and gossip of the Big Brother were not enough entertaining anymore, the public wants more, wants to overcome all taboos, seize the most intimate moment of someone's life.

Nothing is left to intimacy, secret, mystery. Every aspect of life has become a potential subject for circus where the main characters are not tigers anymore but ordinary people.

The lame excuse of entertaining the public hides the constant and ruthless search of profit, where nothing but money has value, and where the limit between public and private is always more elusive.

This is only the latest example of how pathetically poor we are becoming, losing even that small bit of humanity we thought we had left.
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