Saturday, October 31, 2009

Possible effects of the swine flu vaccine

The swine flu shot has been denounced as dangerous by many doctors and experts. We need to take an extra care when it comes to our health, and be aware that the Big Pharma industry is only seeking to make money, not to make us feel better.


Harrarb said...

Hi Angela, by trying out a new twitter app I looked for tweeps nearby. You came up in Amsterdam zuidoost a few days ago. Among hundreds of others, but you sort of stuck out of the crowd. Just started on your blog. Fascinating stuff & inspiring. That's what serendipity offered me today. Thanks & keep up the good work. I'll check up on you regularly. Cheers, Harry

Angela said...

Thank you Harry, this is much appreciated :-)

Anonymous said...

The girl in the video did not have a reaction to the swine flu vaccine, just a regular flu shot.

The only people "worried" about the flu vaccine are conspiracy theorists and paranoid schizophrenics. Please don't help spread silly ideas, the swine flu vaccine will actually HELP.

Angela said...

Hi Anonymous, thanks for your comment, although, due to the relevance of the topic I think it would be much more effective if you could leave at least your name, if not a possible website.

I agree that it's dangerous fomenting panic, but unfortunately the only ones doing so at this moment are governments and pharma companies. I have done my research and asked quite a few doctors about this, and the swine flu is a very mild flu, much lighter than the normal season flu, so spreading "flu-terror" is not helpful nor good for the society.

Only some categories of people who already present weak health conditions are in danger, as they would be with any kind of flu.

And yes, the vaccine can have very dangerous side effects.

Thanks for stopping by, you are most welcome!

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