Friday, October 09, 2009

The Nobel Peace Prize to Barack Obama was only a joke

This was actually my first reaction when I read the news that the Scandinavian Committee had awarded Barack Obama the Nobel Peace Prize, but then I realised it was true. Media and governments went on with their empty hackneyed expressions, as boring as hell.

Some, however, didn't quite agree, and on Facebook I've read some of the funniest comments: "Now that Obama was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize, will they give Jack the Ripper the Nobel Courtesy Prize?" was one of the many.

Actually no, I don't really see Obama as a pacifist, I don't know, maybe because he hasn't pulled US troops out of Iraq, he has increased US troops in Afghanistan, he's pushing EU governments to increase European troops in Afghanistan, he hasn't closed Guantanamo, he's proving very aggressive towards Iran, unlike Iranian regime, he's never spoken out against nuclear weapons, he hasn't convinced Israel to withdraw from the illegally Occupied Territories. BUT, there is a but, Henry Kissinger, one of the worst war criminals of modern history, was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize, too, so why not Obama?

Also, to some extent, I can see the positive aspect of this award: it's obviously a propaganda strategy. Since Obama's reputation is plummeting in public surveys, a propaganda booster has become compelling. People are waking up, opening their eyes, New York Times' and Wall Street Journal's propaganda is not enough anymore, the system is shaking and the elite is aware of it.

What will be the next move when everybody will understand that this undeserved prize is just propaganda?

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