Monday, May 25, 2009

Italy's psychosis

The level of disinformation in Italy has reached so high levels that has become surreal.

Italian media have, in fact, overcome the phase of "hidden agendas": now they shamelessly deny the obvious.

Let's take
Studio Aperto for example, a TV information show that sistematically provides false and distorted news.

Their latest pearl is that Mr Berlusconi, who just by chance happens to be its owner, has been found not guilty in the trial involving English lawyer David Mills.

Of course this is not true, as David Mills was sentenced guilty and the judgement on Mr Berlusconi was stopped thanks to the so-called
Lodo Alfano, according to which the four highest offices of state are untouchable.

Scornful of the fact that the Italian Supreme Court has defined this bill "uncostitutional" (we know, Italian judges are just a bunch of communists, except for the ones he managed to bribe), the Premier is still free to further damage the country, present showgirls as candidate at the European elections and entertain foreign Presidents in his
Villa Certosa in Sardinia with a flock of young girls.

This is the freak Italy has as a Premier, the whole world is laughing out loud, the country has been in a deep crisis for so long that this latest worldwide recession has been perceived as tickling and, despite all that, a bold 78-year-old Mr Berlusconi has recently announced: "I will react to this libelling accusations and I will have all Italian people with me again."

Sadly true.

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