Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Faith, myths and mind control

Issues on religion, faith and myths are always very sensitive, and this is because every personal belief comes from very human emotions, such as hope, fear and the need of some sort of protection.

However, it's very important to distinguish between personal faith and religion, being the latter a propaganda tool that exploits the most private human sentiments of trusting people.

One of the easiest examples to understand the difference between faith and religion, is the heinous behaviour of the Catholic Church throughout the centuries and in current times, too. Not only have its highest representatives always hindered scientific and social progress, but very often clerics have been involved in shameful crimes such as paedophilia and in dodgy economic-financial affairs.

Someone might think that it's impossible that those clerics really believe in the Almighty God they go preaching about.

Apart from the fact that there is no historical evidence of the existence of Jesus Christ, I think that if someone needs to believe there is some kind of spirit protecting them, it's no harm as long as they don't impose their views to other people. Differently from what religious leaders have done so far.

Human beings should come into possession of
human feelings all over again, releasing themselves from the chains of artificial myths created with the sole purpose of mind control and used to wage strategic wars, inciting peoples against each other.

As stated by historian and expert of religions D.M. Murdock, "We are one family, and we share a small sphere - let us unify as found in the best of futuristic scenarios, not destroy ourselves as in the worst".


christopher said...

While reading what you wrote about faith and religion, I thought about spirituality and religion, and how mutually exclusive they are.

Angela said...

Yes, I agree. I think the power religions have can be even dangerous if followed without questioning. We don't need to delegate our emotions so someone else, we can just live our humanity with other human beings. That's my opinion anyway...

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