Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Olympic Games and war times

I've tried, but nothing, I can't force myself to enjoy this edition of the Olympic Games. I've always followed sport competitions where entire nations feel involved and support their favourite basketball player or swimmer.

But this year it's different. Only few days after the beginning of the games, the umpteenth war erupted. The very moment presidents and kings from all over the world were in the meet and greet mood, Georgian soldiers were planning to attack the Russian-backed region of South Ossetia, and last Friday they broke in.

Fears of a war between Georgia and Russia make what should be the carefree atmosphere of the games, hypocrite and grotesque.

The former superpower seems not to be able to live in a post-cold war world, where its senseless pride is anachronistic and sadly inappropriate. In a world where the war has become the easiest and sole answer, the parameters to measure emotions and priorities are constantly violated.

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