Saturday, May 03, 2008

Smiley Berlusconi is back

October 1922, March on Rome by Benito Mussolini. April 2008, Berlusconi is elected Prime Minister for the third time. What's the difference? Mussolini was less rich. As dictatorship I would say we are nearly there. Of course, Berlusconi's one is much more subtle, you know, we are in modern times after all, we don't need physical violence to direct votes, Mediaset is more than enough to convince a couple of millions of idiots.

Anyway, Mr Berlusconi now controls the 90% of the Italian television and a good percentage of the press, which he directly owns. Now the star of Italian tv, a part from some naked showgirls as stupid as ducks, will be Emilio Fede who, no offence, makes me sick.

But the breakthrough of these last elections has been the pathetic Northern League, yes Bossi's henchmen, ready with smoking guns to protect Italian interests. They've been threatening an armed revolution for months and they haven't stopped yet, now it's becoming a bit old and nobody's scared anymore.

I honestly thought that after the scandal of few months ago, in which Mr Berlusconi asked the Director of Rai Antonio Saccà to introduce (read, impose) some nice girl in some tv show, more people would have understood how dangerous is a new Berlusconi regime. Actually the tape of the friendly Berlusconi-Saccà phone call has been published on the online version of the newspaper La Repubblica so everybody had the opportunity to listen to them. In an élan of patriotism I listened to them and I had the picture very clear: in a third world country business is run this way, I do a favour to you, you do a favour to me. I'm just wondering what kind of favour three girls will be able to do to Mr Berlusconi. With the high level of unemployment I'm happy that at least three more people now can bring home a salary, I'm sure well deserved.

And the left? What about Italian left? Well, everybody witnessed its funeral, it actually committed a suicide. First of all not doing the law against the conflict of interest that would have prevented Berlusconi from coming back to power. But maybe it was not convenient to the left parliamentarians either. So what do we expect, Mr Prodi?

We have what we deserve, the regime is back.

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