Thursday, January 24, 2008

Rotten Banana Republic

Here we are again. Italian government faces defeat at the second chamber's vote.

I'm not a fan of Italian politics, but today I read the news amazed and, since I don't live in Italy anymore, also a bit amused.

Italian political "trasformismo" is as famous as Italian pizza and these last events are showing that this bad habit didn't stop with Giolitti.

In a nutshell, today's government was defeated because Mr Prodi denied his support to Udeur's leader Clemente Mastella, former minister of justice, corrupt and under investigation. Not alone, however. To keep him good company his wife and half of his party.

It's quite unbelievable that a government denies its support to corruption, we are still talking about Italy, but yes, it happened. And the result is that this administration lost confidence at the Senate.

Who's crowing? Who's proud of Mastella's turns? Who likes entertaining among corrupt friends? Mr. Berlusconi, of course.

He's already claiming new elections and his best friend Bossi threatening an armed revolution: they don't have the arms yet, but they will find them. We trust you Umberto. We understand, we know you don't live in a civilized country, where you will be at least kicked out of the Parliament right now.

And while BBC's Christian Fraser suggests that something rotten is in Italy, I wonder: Are we sure that the mountains of rubbish are in Naples and not in Rome?

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