Sunday, December 09, 2007

Men and Women: who's got balls?

I'm always more convinced that women are the ones that actually have balls.

It's very fresh the news of the EU-Africa summit in Portugal about the economic agreement between the two continents and the attention is focused on Zimbabwe's despot, Mugabe.

As I understand from The Guardian, while Gordon Brown showed his protest not turning up at the meeting and while South African President Thabo Mbeki "avoided any mention of Zimbabwe", only Angela Merkel actually faced the despot by saying that the world cannot be indifferent to human rights abuses and that "the situation of Zimbabwe is damaging the image of the new Africa".

Apparently men are very 'politically correct'.

And when I get to the end of the article I want to cry: "Some African states welcome Chinese economic involvement partly because it comes without the pressure for recognition of human rights attached to European aid deals".

I recall Antonio Gramsci's quote 'The indifference is the dead weight of history' and I think he was so (sadly) right.
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