Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Countdown is over

When you decide to leave a country and relocate somewhere else you are excited. You start planning your new life, thinking about how challenging it will be, how cool is meeting new cultures and new ways of life. This is the thrill that makes me going.

I'm leaving Ireland tomorrow at 6pm, single ticket to London. I'm happy, excited and why not, also worried.

What if nothing is how I hoped it to be, or what if I won't find what I'm looking for, or what if.

I have been to London for the first time two weeks ago and I fell in love the day after my arrival.

London is "The City", the european capital, welcomes foreigners from everywhere and is open to new ideas. No wonder why it is the favourite destination of most of young people.

I like moving, trying, this is my third relocation, so I should be used. And I am, just, now that I'm leaving Ireland, I can't avoid thinking: it feels strange to say goodbye to a country where I lived for two years, where I don't have any family and where I know I won't live anymore, maybe visit again, but never live.

Many people went past, many people stayed. Living as a foreigner is an experience that everybody should do, no matter which country.

Travelling makes souls richer, living as a foreigner teaches what life is and changes from inside.

With all its weaknesses and strangeness, Ireland has been part of my life, offering me jobs, friends and a new way of seeing life.

I will never get tired of criticising and praising Irish style and I will never forget to mention that welcomed me and taught me to take life carefree, because for everything there must be a solution.

Goodbye Ireland.
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