Wednesday, November 21, 2007

With all respect, Mr. King....

The last act of the Italian Comedy involves none than less His Majesty the King. Yes because apparently the Savoia family is the only one Italian family that still thinks Italy has a King. As we didn't have enough megalomaniacs sitting in the Parliament.

Anyway, Mr. Emanuele di Savoia, recovering from parties and court trials, is now officially asking to the Italian State the modest amount of 260 millions of euro as moral damages caused by a forced 54-year exile. It's not even the point to waste time saying how pathetic our former royal family is.

However, remembering the things that make Italy reason of fun all over the world, I was slightly worried that our present government wanted to exhibit in the umpteenth performance "all'italiana".

My scepticism was immediately stopped by the government reply: "Not only we don't owe anything to the former royal family, but we are thinking to ask them for the damages caused to our Country".

Well done Mr Prodi. At last.

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