Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Italy and democracy

Is the Internet becoming a powerful tool in “common people” hands? Maybe democracy is living a new era.
Italian comedian Beppe Grillo ( organized through its blog a rally with the purpose to purge Italian political class of its corruption.
The turn-out was impressive, not only in Bologna, where Beppe Grillo attracted a huge crowd, but all over Italy, Europe and worldwide Italian communities.
The level of corruption in Italy is apparently beyond repair, what was the glory of history and art is now a stricken country.
A population on its knees, Italians have learned how to use the power of new technology to unnerve worried politicians that try to dismiss the phenomenon as “vulgar and flippant”.
Mr. Grillo, however, didn’t stop his stint and keeps mounting campaigns against Italian most powerful classes.
The overwhelming victory of anonymous citizens in this case is undisguised and in all likelihood it will bring some change.
Of course the major representatives of Italian parties brazen it out and keep waffling, but they expected by-no-means a so big response.
Mr. Grillo’s blog is in the top five of the most visited in Italy or by Italian speakers around the world and the show goes on. Citizens are clamouring for more justice and a better economy and they are doing it through the Internet. Whereas some years ago politicians were to consider “untouchable”, now they are more exposed to the real world and more reachable.
Again, is democracy changing with the Internet or it’s a short-lived illusion?

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