Thursday, September 27, 2007

For love of truth

My yesterday's post included a link to one of the most popular Italian daily papers, La Repubblica. The article I linked to my blog reported about a very sad fact happened in Cagliari, Sardinia's main city.
The newspaper reported that a 75-year-old man was stealing some food from the shelves of a small market in the district where he lives, Is Mirrionis.
Although the shopkeeper caught him with the loot, she didn't call the police but she even started collecting money for the poor man who said he couldn't manage to survive all month with only his pension.
The fact was published in many Italian publications, provoking a chain reaction that involved also politicians and representatives of the society.
In Cagliari journalists and mayor started looking for this man, who became a star just overnight.
Arguments were still raging when a regional newspaper (Il Giornale di Sardegna) was about to publish that all the story was completely made up and unfounded, resulting for the inexistence of both man and shop.
When I firt read the article in yesterday's paper, I was upset and I posted it on my blog. Now, for respect of truth, I post what really happened, nothing.
We don't know know who is the first source of this story. What we know is that, true or not, everybody believed it, ordinary people, politicians, associations and journalists, proving that Italian economy is getting worse and worse.
And maybe this was the reason of such a bittersweet joke.

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