Monday, December 05, 2005

Wrong side traffic

During the tough Berlusconi's era many young people decided to leave the mother country to try their luck and make some fortune.

When I moved to Ireland it was August, 30 degrees in Rome, surely less than 10 in Dublin: a shock for a person from Sardinia used to suffocating summers.

The first thing I remember about my first day in Dublin happened at the airport: I was getting in the taxi on the driver's side.

This was just my first experience with "driving on the wrong side", it took me a while to get used.

After this, the weather. Too rainy, a bit too cold, definitely changeable, in one day you can have the four seasons.

Well here, with crazy weather and wrong driving sides, my adventure began.

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Editor said...

Hi Angela, I'd like to reply to your comment on e-mail without my response appearing on your blog! It looks like you just got started, please do keep blogging and writing, it's the only way... Send me an e-mail if you like and I'll offer you what little advice I know of!

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